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Estate selection: Roz'Bulles

This selection of dry sparkling rosé wine, crafted to the traditional method (like Champaign) makes a delightful partner to apéritifs and desserts.

Aimed at the young and young at heart, it brings people together and creates a great atmosphere.

Tasting notes:

- A pale pink robe with glints of salmon, lavish and long-lasting cordon of bubbles.
- A real treat, the nose gives of the lovely small red fruit scents (strawberry and raspberry) that are typical of Gamay in its youth. A few notes of peach and pear are also part of this fresh palette of aromas.
- Very lively on the attack with a profusion of bubbles that delight the taste buds, the palate boasts great balance between roundness and vivacity. Small red fruit is in abundance, giving way to a finish that is quite gentle and creamy.
- Generous bubbles and loads of lip-smacking flavours: Roz'bulles is a great partner for any celebration from the apéritif to dessert.

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