Domaine André Colonge & fils Vignerons - Récoltants


Estate selection: Maranvières

This very special cuvée is a true invitation to finding out more about vinegrower-winemaker know-how.

From the selection of the plot to final assembly, everything is carefully planned to bring you a true cellaring cuvée.

The grapes are vatted for around a fortnight; Burgundy-style vinification means that we can bring you a wine that peaks after 2 to 3 years in the bottle.

Tasting notes:

- A really deep rube that is dark ruby in hue with garnet tints.
- The power of the aromas takes you straight to a toasted and vanilla atmosphere. To this are added notes of spicy flowers, liquorice and sweet spice. Great complexity highlighted by well-controlled maturing.
- In the image of the nose, the mouthfeel is a great whoosh of full-flavoured volume, waking your taste buds with its tannic powerful yet mellow structure. To this is added a great complexity of flavours set around cacao, jammy black fruit and spice.
- Intelligent maturing for a rich and powerful cuvée: the recipe of a great bottle to serve with the most refined of dishes.

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