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Beaujolais Villages Nouveau

Beaujolais Villages Nouveau

Around 40 villages in Northern Beaujolais can use this name.

This vineyard was given its AOC classification by decree on 12th September 1937

BEAUJOLAIS VILLAGES is the exemplification of freshness, charm and vitality in a wine. Its ruby robe, shot through with purple-blue exudes fresh grape aromas. Fruity, tender and supple, it is perfectly balanced and can be enjoyed at any time of day or night. It should be served cool, but not too cool, at 13 to 14°C (55 to 57°F) because the cold masks all the pleasure it can give.


The release of this inimitable "tête de cuvée" of nouveau wines is eagerly awaited on the 3rd Thursday in November. Thermo-vinification helps to ensure the perfection of its "punnet of fruit" aromas and flavours… Its youth and lightness are much enjoyed.

It's a good idea to reserve your order from October.

Tasting notes:

  • - A deep and intense ruby robe with purple-blue tints.
  • - Character and personality are given off on the powerful and expressive nose with notes of black fruit (bilberry) and mouth-watering small red fruit combined with marshmallow.
  • - Fleshy and opulent, the mouthfeel is seductive with mellow tannins and fresh red and black fruit flavours.
  • - Great harmony between succulence and structure: this is a wine that will seduce lovers of winey, more full-bodied nouveau wines.

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